Dinokeng Virtual Ranger App

South Africa has long since made a name for itself amongst both local and international Wildlife enthusiasts. We are proud to introduce another innovative first for South African and possibly even the world...The "Virtual Ranger™ App".

The "Virtual Ranger™" is an innovative new mobile app that leverages the latest IoT technology in order to enhance visitors experience. By hiding 'Beacons' (Bluetooth Low Energy Devices) along public area`s such as the self-drive route of game reserves and national parks, that will trigger educational and promotional content in the form of image, text or video, to pop up on directly onto your phone, the app is a sure-fire way to make sure that you still get the full wilderness experience and information even if there are no animals in sight. The Virtual Ranger™ app will make you feel like you have a personal ranger right beside you as you explore the wonders of nature and wildlife.

Virtual Ranger™, Pinned Sightings, Loyalty Club,Exclusive Deals

Virtual Ranger™
Explore South Africa`s Game Reserves and enjoy our Virtual Ranger™ as your guide, providing you with information and facts about the local flora and fauna.

Loyalty Club
Love spending time in the bush? Now you can earn loyalty points and claim rewards and prizes with our Kestrel Club™.

Dinokeng app home screen

Pinned Sightings
Check out what other people have seen or follow the map to our listed sightings that are updated every few hours

Exclusive Deals
Get access to exclusive deals and promotions available to app members only!


Another notable feature of this app is the sightings map. Both rangers and visitors can drop a pin when they see something of interest. All pins are colour coded so you can see exactly what you are looking for and speed your way over to where the last sighting was recorded.

Dinokeng app home screen

Kestrel Club

Dinokeng app home screen

Virtual Ranger now offers a loyalty program to all visitors of participating parks and reserves. By downloading the "Virtual Ranger™ App" you are automatically eligible for all kinds of exclusive offers and insider deals.