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Account Deletion Request Guide

If you wish to delete your account and all associated information from the Virtual Ranger™ App, please follow the steps below:
Step-by-Step Guide

1. Prepare Your Request
Ensure you have access to the email account associated with your Virtual Ranger™ App.
Have your account details ready for verification purposes.

2. Compose an Email
Open your preferred email client.
In the subject line, write: “Account Deletion Request”.

3. Email Content
Address the email to: team@virtualranger.co.za
Include the following information in the body of the email:
Full Name: Your name as registered on the app.
Email Address: The email address associated with your Virtual Ranger™ account.
Reason for Deletion: (Optional) Share why you wish to delete your account to help us improve our services.
Confirmation: State clearly that you request the deletion of your account and all associated data.

4. Send the Email
Double-check all information for accuracy.
Click “Send”.

5. Confirmation Process
You will receive an email confirmation acknowledging the receipt of your request.
Our team may contact you for verification purposes.

6. Deletion Completion
Once verified, your account and all related data will be permanently deleted.
You will receive a final confirmation email once the process is complete.

**Important Notes
Data Recovery: Once deleted, your data cannot be recovered.
Service Impact: Deletion will remove access to all features and data within the Virtual Ranger™ App.
For any questions or assistance, feel free to contact our support team at team@virtualranger.co.za. Thank you for using Virtual Ranger™.