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South Africa has long since made a name for itself amongst both local and international Wildlife enthusiasts. We are proud to introduce another innovative first for South African and possibly even the world…The “Virtual Ranger™ App”.

The “Virtual Ranger™” is an innovative new mobile app that leverages the latest IoT technology in order to enhance visitors experience. By hiding ‘Beacons’ (Bluetooth Low Energy Devices) along public area`s such as the self-drive route of game reserves and national parks, that will trigger educational and promotional content in the form of image, text or video, to pop up on directly onto your phone, the app is a sure-fire way to make sure that you still get the full wilderness experience and information even if there are no animals in sight. The Virtual Ranger™ app will make you feel like you have a personal ranger right beside you as you explore the wonders of nature and wildlife.

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There is a reason that Virtual Ranger has a great deal of members. The reason is that we always post relevant, useful and honest content. We don’t spam our users. Our members are lovers of wildlife, adventurous and keen nature enthusiasts and we pride ourselves on putting them first. If your business has something great to offer that you think our members would love, please contact us to find out more on how you can advertise through us.
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Browse through an aray of different accomodation types to suit every budget.
We offer the best rates with live availability.

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Shared By our members
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The Dinokeng area has so much to offer. From playful warthogs to powerful lions, sparring zebra to the ever-elusive black rhino. Not to mention the abundance of bird species indigenous flora, and some of the most spectacular scenery this country has to offer. One may even be lucky enough to catch sight of a dung beetle or a python. We love sharing photos that our members have sent us. Please enjoy them!

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